About “Gakuwari”

“Mountain Discount” is Second Gear’s unique special discount program that supports members of mountain-related organizations.

Applicable to members, members, and employees of mountain climbing clubs, Wundervogel clubs, mountaineering clubs, mountain rescue teams, mountain guards, mountain hut management organizations, forest management organizations, nature conservation organizations, etc. We will also target employees and members of government agencies, the Self-Defense Forces, volunteer organizations, etc. who are involved in disaster response.

If you wish to use this service, please fill out the necessary information from the ``Yakuwari Usage Application Form'' at the bottom of this page. After our individual review, if there are no problems, we will issue and notify you of a coupon code exclusively for the applicant (unlimited number of uses). Please apply as soon as possible as you may have to wait several days for review and issuance. We may also ask you to confirm your application by phone or submit additional documents during the screening process. please note that.

The conditions for using the coupon code are as follows.

■Discount rate: 10% OFF

■Minimum purchase amount per order: 20,000 yen (tax included)

■Delivery address: The organization's headquarters, branch, and representative address in Japan specified on the organization's issued certificate or website.

■Orderer/recipient: Both are the Gakuwari applicants themselves.

Coupon codes can be used at both the official web shop and physical store (Second Gear Mitaka Tohachi store). If ordering online, please enter the coupon code on the payment information entry screen. If ordering in-store, please present your organization-issued certificate and coupon code at the cash register.

Although there is a minimum purchase amount, there is no problem if the order is compiled within the organization and the applicant orders on behalf of the organization. Please take advantage of it.

*If it is confirmed that the coupon code has been used by someone other than the applicant, the coupon code will be invalidated as unauthorized use. This program only issues coupon codes to individual applicants. Please do not share coupon codes within your organization or make them publicly available.

*Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or campaigns.

*Customers residing outside of Japan are not eligible for this program.

*This program may be terminated without notice at our discretion.