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[MEN's M] Compressport 3D Thermo Seamless Hoody Zip Black Edition 2020 Limited Edition COMPRESSPORT Black

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Second Gear is a buying and selling store specializing in mountaineering equipment and outdoor equipment. We also purchase " [MEN's M] Compressport 3D Thermo Seamless Hoody Zip Black Edition 2020 Limited Edition COMPRESSPORT Black ".


A super comfortable hoody made with ultralight and breathable fabric. The clean and urban design makes it suitable for all occasions. An ideal second layer to wear before, during and even after training. It regulates body temperature through a unique knitting method that encourages air circulation and maintains the perfect balance between the temperature outside and inside the garment. Therefore, you will not feel a sudden change in the sensible temperature, and the heat will not be trapped. The fabric also wicks away moisture effectively, so it dries quickly. It's so light you'll forget you're wearing it, and the seamless stitching process and ultra-soft microfiber reduce the risk of chafing and itching. Every detail, from the loose cut to the choice of fabric, is designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement. It will quickly become your favorite hoodie and you won't want to put it down. ■ Material: Polyamide 65% / Polyester 35% ■Weight: 235g ■Size development: XS: chest circumference 78 - 86cm / S: chest circumference 86 - 94cm / M: chest circumference 94 - 102cm

Suggested retail price: 19800 yen (tax included)
■Color: Black ■Size: MEN's M
■Size notes:
■Actual measurement ・Width: 54cm
・Hem width: 53cm
・Length: 71cm
・Ski length: 93cm
・Weight: 225g
*All dimensions are outside dimensions. In addition, please allow for errors due to manual measurement and simple measurement.

■ General condition evaluation: 7 Good product with little usability (10 levels)
* Remove inner size tag

*Comprehensive condition evaluation criteria (This is based on the subjectivity of our staff and is for reference only.)
10 New and unused
9 New/unused: Outlet/with defects
8 Used: Like new
7 Used: Good condition with little feeling of use
6 Used: There is some feeling of use
5 Used: There is a feeling of use (normal used)
4 Used: Significant feeling of use
3 Used: Very noticeable signs of use
2 Used: Functionally defective
1 junk: there is a fatal problem

■Detailed condition/feeling of use: Slight (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *
・Dirty: None (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *
・Scratches: None (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *
・Discoloration: None (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *
・Odor: None (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *
・Deterioration over time: None (None/Slight/Small/Normal/Medium/Large/Extreme) *

■ Internal management items ・Product code: z00025156
・Person in charge of acceptance:
・Person in charge of assessment:
・Photographer: AKHR
・Person in charge of exhibition: W000

■ Compatible shipping methods Yamato courier service: ○
Yamato cat POS:○
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    A buying and selling store specializing in mountaineering and outdoor gear, with physical stores in Mitaka/Chofu, Tokyo. Based on our wealth of product knowledge, experience cultivated in the field, and data accumulated over many years, we have realized overwhelmingly expensive purchases by conducting careful appraisals and market research that take time and effort. From the latest models to vintage items, a wide variety of products arrive every day.

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